Welcome to Protel's new website

In April 2014 we will celebrate our 15th anniversary and plan to mark this milestone with various events throughout April and May, so keep an eye on our news page.  Each month we will write a review to let you know what is happening at Protel.  The format will tested over the next few months so any feedback you may have will be appreciated.    

 Protel ‘s growth has been supported by strong ethics and a commitment to deliver ‘Quality data.’  This has been supported by high quality standards and the adoption of well planned  and proven data collection approaches.   During the last 15 years we have built up a strong customer base.  Please take a look at the data and written testimonials from our own customer satisfaction survey – these pages will be updated on a quarterly basis. I’d like to add that a high percentage of our clients have worked with us since inception, which is also a good recommendation for the work that we do. 

 As a small independent data collection agency, we have a huge commitment to everyone we work with.   We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, staff and suppliers ....... we work with the best!