At Venue Research


“Protel quickly understood their task within a wider product development remit and were able to propose, refine, execute and report on an uncluttered and effective research program that greatly helped to illustrate direction and strategy for the end client.”  


Austen McRoberts, Market Refreshment Ltd

At Venue Research enables the reaction of potential customers to a product or service to be assessed within a controlled environment.  This typically takes place at an exhibition, concert, or organised venue.  Protel manages this process by recruiting individuals that meet the target profile, before then conducting the research required.   At Venue research utilises methodologies such as Hall Tests, CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) and Mystery Shopping.

  • Hall Tests provide the opportunity to get respondent feedback on a ‘real life’ view of a product offering.  It is a very valuable technique for companies looking to test a new product offering,   or to identify the potential opportunity in a niche market.
  • CAPI research is particularly useful for fast and accurate research as it provides an automated approach for data capture. Interviewers utilise electronic devices such as Tablets and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) to capture market research data.  The technology also means that graphics, multimedia and videos can also be used in the CAPI surveys and exist polls.  This enables results to be rapidly transferred in real time to desk based researchers for analysis.  The CAPI approach increases the effectiveness and reliability of data collection and decreases coding and data-entry errors.  Protel has a team of over 800 UK interviewers that have all trained in CAPI techniques and sophisticated quantitative technique – Conjoint Analysis.
  • Mystery shopping is a popular approach used by organisations to evaluate and improve the customer service experience.  Protel works with a wide range of industries including retail, public sector to gain independent feedback to support this process.

‘At Venue’ research enables the following outcomes:

  • Insight into the customer experience being sought including their motivation and attitudes
  • A cost effective approach to research as a large sample of respondents are normally recruited
  • Greater understanding of the product features and qualities being tested due to the real life experience generated for respondents.


  • Northern Rail - Measuring the Customer Experience - Mystery Shopping  -  Northern Rail looks at three main elements of the customer’s experience of rail travel – people, trains and stations to measure the Customer Experience.     This is assessed through a Mystery Shopping approach and is conducted on 60 routes on a monthly basis.  Protel works in partnership with Jungle Green to deliver this programme.