“Protel did an excellent job in completing the telephone interviews.  Achieving a good sample with the pre and post PTP respondents was key to finding out how successful the project was and Protel worked hard at achieving the sample numbers and quotas required.”


 Tony Duckenfield, Associate, Steer Davis Gleave

Protel has a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility based at our offices in Coventry.  The CATI approach can be used across a wide range of industry sectors and is particularly useful for research where a rapid response is required.    The CATI operation utilises sophisticated software to enable interviewers to conduct structured questionnaires. Interviewers are also digitally recorded using the CATI system to track the quota quality.     

Protel operates to the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct and all of our interviewers are trained to and beyond industry standards.

Key Benefits of CATI research

A CATI research approach has the following benefits.

  • It can be conducted efficiently across a wide geographic area.
  • Electronic capture of data means that research is rapid and reliable
  • It is  cost effective option to establish valuable information on target markets


Some recent research projects that have been conducted by Protel that have utilised CATI include:

  • NFU Mutual  - Voice of the Farmer survey which provides insight into the insurance cover needed, key trends and motivations in the market and a source of ideas for future  offerings.
  • Steer Davis Gleave and Colchester Cycling Town  To support the aim of Colchester town to get ‘more people cycling, more safely and more often’, Protel conducted telephone interview to establish the town’s current behavior and attitude towards cycling before and after promotional activities.      
  • 3663 – What the customer wants? Using a CATI approach, Protel has conducted telephone interviews for over five years for 3663 to gain feedback on the ‘customer experience’.