Online Research

The use of online research to obtain feedback from the target audience has grown significantly in recent years as it often provides a low cost route to wide target audience.   Protel works with its clients to develop customised online surveys so that a wide range of ‘added value’ information can be obtained including data on their customers, brands, products and potential areas for new development.

There is frequently a need to support an internet based research project (such as web, email and online panels) with methodologies that reach segments of the population that are not regular internet users,  so an integrated approach is beneficial for these project requirements.

Protel designs the online questionnaire to support your specific research objects to ensure the required outcomes are delivered.   The web based surveys are developed using a flexible software solution (SNAP), that is supported by Protel staff who are experts in designing and analysing the data from online questionnaires.

Key benefits of online research

The benefits of using web based technology to support a research project or programme are significant and varied and include the following.

  • A cost effective method of gathering feedback from a large sample size quickly
  • Geographically remote target markets can be researched efficiently
  • Projects can be completed to tight deadlines due to the capability for rapid data collection and analysis


  • Transport research – modes of transport used in a major city. Research was conducted using a mixed methodology of Web based surveys and CATI to understand people’s movements around a major city and the modes of transport they used. Protel used a ‘4 point’ recruitment methodology that included web survey, telephone, email plus SMS follow-up. This resulted in feedback from 1750 individual travellers.