Face to Face


“The timescales for the completion of the face to face interviews and occupancy counts were very tight as all interviews had to be completed over the one Bank Holiday weekend.  Protel ensured that enough surveying staff were programmed to work to meet the sample and quotas needed.  Knowing that Protel was managing the survey side of the project certainly helped relieve the pressure!”


 Sarah Lewis – Senior Consultant, Steer Davis Gleave 

Face to Face interviewing is the most frequent method currently used for quantitative research as it can be used to conduct research in multiple locations including on- street; in-store ; in the respondent’s workplace or home and for exit interviews.

Key Benefits of Face to Face Research

Face to Face research can deliver significant benefits in all situations where it is applied.

  • Face to Face interviewing enables the interviewer to build a rapport with the respondent and ensure a higher interview completion rate
  • ‘Stimulus content’ can be used  during the interview, such as photographs, pictures, packaging, adverts and brand and product attributes to support interview feedback


  • Identification of improvements in commercial van design  - Protel Worked with GfK Automotive to examine how the design of light commercial vehicles could be improved to enhance the ‘driver experience’.   This was achieved by conducting over 300 Face to Face interviews with drivers from a range of different industry sectors including – couriers builders, haulage, freight and removal, utilities, public sector, postal and passenger transport.