Qualitative Research


“Protel has provided a high standard of service on this project for a number of years now.  The feedback from the mystery shoppers has always been extremely useful, relevant and considered.”


Janice Guy, Managing Director, Jungle Green

Qualitative research is particularly valuable when a deeper understanding of customer perceptions, attitudes and motivations is needed.  This knowledge enables organisations to make robust business decisions on the future development of existing and potential new markets and products.

There are a number of methods that can be used to gain a deeper market understanding and typically involve one to one interviews and/or facilitation of group discussions, where participants frequently hold different views.   Particular methodologies used include the following:

  • Focus Groups
  • Group discussions
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Work Shops
  • Paired, Triad and Family interviews 

Arkenford Ltd - Qualitative Focus Groups.  Arkenford , a leading market research company, has developed a unique approach to targeting respondents. This is based on personal ‘values’ - which are sustained throughout an individual’s lifetime,  rather than the traditional methods of targeting  based on factors such as age, demographics, postcode or lifestyle.  Protel has worked with Arkenford to develop an Excel tool that enabled predictions to be made on which segment a respondent would fall into.   This approach has significantly improved recruitment efficiency and all quotas for focus group recruitment were met.   

Key Benefits of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research enables a more in-depth understanding of the area being studied that quantitative research as it investigates experiences and perceptions.  It also focuses more of the question of ‘why’ a particular opportunity or trend is developing.


“We have really been impressed by how flexible Protel has been in adapting, not only to our way of thinking, but to a totally new approach to research.”  Ben Moxon, Director, Arkenford Ltd