"this was a difficult project with difficult timescales. James was professional throughout and did not blame anyone for the project being difficult to achieve. James continued to achieve as many interviews as possible, allocating as much resource to the project as possible."

"the fieldwork was excellent - a difficult project - but Protel were determined to deliver. Smooth delivery of data."

“your people (James & Lorraine) and their knowledge. Just thank you, and please keep up the extraordinarily good work!”

"we were really impressed with the range of people found for the focus group"

“really friendly, attentive and professional services.”

"very flexible. Good value. Completed project to very tight timescale"

"executed extremely well with little fuss and to tight timings"

"getting the fieldwork set up and completed"

"Lorraine was great, very approachable and easy to communicate with. She kept me up to date with progress and let me know honestly and frankly about any problems being encountered. The results were clear and accurate and allowed me to easily create the desired report this end."

"everything was handled as it should have been. No surprises!!!"

"organisation and adaptability. We changed the dates/stores a few times and some issues happened such as store refusal which meant changing plans at the last minute and I found Protel to be very flexible, and help make this happen smoothly. Well organised in arranging paperwork, timings etc."

"Willingness to find solutions to difficulties and to do it in a relaxed friendly way. Willingness to liaise directly with Tarmac whilst I was away."

"speed of getting work into field and results back"

"the speed at which you set about the task and kept us up to date with progress. Also appreciated was the fact you concluded the fieldwork ahead of schedule which has enabled us to start reporting sooner than expected."

"very professional."

"completed a very tight timescale project on schedule. Brilliant service."

"always a pleasure to work with you all."

"managed to recruit to time, very patient staff with changing recruitment needs, recruited good groups, very helpful and friendly hosting at the actual events"

"flexibility and initiative"

“good availability and pro-active approach to meetings/discussions about requirements.”

"speed of getting work into field and results back"

"getting it done in short timescale leading up to Christmas"

"the sampling was exactly as asked, all participants were relevant which also enabled us to send two people home without disrupting our quota"

"professional approach, fast turnaround, competitive quote"

"extremely adaptable in the face of a very short timeline and a client who kept moving the goalposts. James went the extra mile to ensure everything worked as it should"

“with the initial quote, Jag completely understood what we were trying to achieve, he also worked around lots of new quotes and changes to the sites to be included.”

"adapting to the needs of the project, quite difficult areas to work in and Protel achieved brilliantly as usual"